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What is momentum? Simple question, right? It comes from classical physics, and is defined as “the product of a body's mass and its velocity,” or “an impelling force or strength.” It is also used in terms of athletics: when one team makes a big play, it is said that the “momentum has swung their way.” Well, neither definition really applies to Asteria, who just so happened to name their fourth full length Momentum. On Momentum, the band brings more of the same: pop punk/powerpop chords with hooks galore and a feel-good vibe. But how does the album compare with the dictionary definitions of momentum? Well, there certainly isn’t a mass and force coming together, but this batch or songs definitely has some strength, and an urgency to be reckoned with.

With 13 tracks, and clocking in at just less than 39 minutes, Momentum takes the sounds of Mayday Parade, Cute Is What We Aim For, and even Minus the Bear, and mashes them in to one, with the result ranging from the sexiness of Minus the Bear’s Omni to the “emo” pop punk of Mayday Parade. The aptly titled “Intro” opens the album, opening softly and building in to a driving, crunchy track. “Hold On (God Damn)” sounds vaguely reminiscent of Rotation-era Cute Is What We Aim For, only with much better lyrics. The first “sexy” track on the album is “Heartbreaker,” which lets Brandon McQuen shine on the low end. “Chutes & Ladders” follows suite, letting the whole band, namely drummer Sam Henderson show, show they can make sexy music too, albeit the lyrics aren’t nearly as sexy as Minus the Bear’s. The “emo” pop punk then rears its ugly head with “Just Another Letdown,” but with such strong musicianship from guitarists Seth Henderson and Ryan Gullett, the song isn’t nearly as bad as it could be, save for some cookie cutter lyrics.

The biggest downer about the album is that vocalist Terrence Kline doesn’t stay consistent. On tracks such as “Shake It Off” and “Hold On (God Damn)”, Kline’s vocals pull the track together. But on other tracks, such as “Just Another Letdown” and “Devil Hold My Hand,” Kline seems unsure of himself, and the vocals don’t sound nearly as confident as they should. The musicianship is tight throughout, and if Kline could find his confidence through the entire album, this would be one of the best releases of the year.

Momentum should garner the band just that: momentum. It may have taken four full lengths, but the band seems to have found their niche. Terrence Kline is a good vocalist, and once he finds his confidence behind the mic, this band will be poised for great things. For now, though, they should let their momentum carry them.

1. Intro
2. Pawns In Chess
3. Hold On (God Damn)
4. Take Me Away
5. Heartbreaker
6. Chutes & Ladders
7. Just Another Letdown
8. Shake It Off
9. Candles
10. A Beautiful Night For A Showdown
11. On My Knees
12. Devil Hold My Hand
13. Northbound & Down

1. A Progressive Black Metal band from Switzerland.
2. A Pop Rock/Powerpop band from Crown Point, Indiana.
3. An American medieval and renaissance ensemble.

1. Asteria is a one man Progressive Black Metal band from Geneva, Switzerland. He has released five albums, with the latest being titled Les Lumières, released in 2009.

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