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Shuffling through the past 5 years of post-hardcore records, looking at the list of releases seems to blur all the bands together. From Attack Attack!, I See Stars, A Skylit Drive, and every other scene band you can imagine, you immediately begin to realize how similar the musical dynamics are of each and every one of these bands are. It starts with an interesting lead line and busts into some screaming and then crescendos into an “epic” chorus of clean vocal lines delivered in high-pitched tones from a more-than-competent singer. It’s been seen before, and will continue to be seen.

This same sing-scream dynamic with chugging riffs and half-hearted breakdowns is what plagues In Fear and Faith’s sophomore release, Imperial. It’s execution and production are top notch, but it continues to fade into obscurity with the rising number of acts doing the same thing with the same crisp production. Vocalists Cody Anderson (screams) and Scott Barnes (cleans) are, as stated earlier, top notch in their execution. No matter how you cut or slice it, their tones fit the genre perfectly. The guitarists, Ramin Niroomand and Noah Slifka chug through your regularly anticipated sections and well planned out leads without hesitation. The musicianship is all there.

Consistently arising throughout the record is the sheer lack of distinguishable segments. After hearing 500 bands do the same thing it becomes difficult to find a redeeming, unique quality that keeps the listener entertained through more than the lead single and perhaps a personal favorite from the only full listen the record got.

On a purely entertainment level, though, IFAF are perfectly on top of their game. The record compromises nothing in being perfectly placed for scene kids to eat up. It has the catchy clean lines, the breakdowns, and the keys. If you’re looking for You’re World On Fire Pt. 2, you’ve found it. Nothing has changed that drastically and the record pummels onward without hesitation. A fun record for the die-hard fans at the least, but at this point it seems unlikely new fans will come in droves when they have more than a handful of bands coming at them with the same marketing and music.

Being the double-edged sword that it is, Imperial lacks the inventiveness that will keep the band relevant and interesting, but it is an enjoyable record with sing-able chorus’ and great hooks. Let’s just bank on their next record having something new up their sleeves to keep themselves interesting.

1. The Solitary Life
2. Bones
3. I Know You Know
4. Bought The Ticket, Took The Ride
5. Pursuit
6. Once Is Enough
7. Counselor
8. Heavy Lies The Crown
9. Let It Out
10. Eleventwentyfour
11. Afterthought
12. The High Life
13. Live, Love, Redeux

In Fear and Faith is a post-hardcore band from San Diego, California.

Their debut album Your World On Fire was released January 6th 2009. Their second album, Imperial was released on June 15, 2010.

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Batman says... "Taking Back Sunday composes their music first, then the lyrics."

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