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With no frills fist-pumping anthems and a strong workingman mentality, The Reveling are poised to rise atop the punk genre, even receiving flattering comparisons to genre juggernauts like Face To Face and The Gaslight Anthem. In honor of the release of their new album, Review Rinse Repeat is thrilled to present Artist Insight for The Reveling's Tributaries. Jump to the replies to see the band's responses and be sure to check out the stream of the record on!


This was one of the first tracks we put together for "Tributaries".
Initially it was driving, more uptempo and lengthier. Once we found
the break down beat for the intro, it just kind of wrote itself. All
of my favorite songs are those that seem like they were always at my
fingertips the whole time... just waiting to be discovered. This was
one of those. The lyric is short and to the point. It deals with
coming to terms with difficult situations in life and not lying to
yourself.  -Sean

"Charlotte Thompson"

Charlotte was an old song I had written back 2005 as an acoustic idea,
but never really thought of working with it as a full band. But we
dusted it off, changed some dynamics and I'm really proud of how it
developed. The song is a semi-fictional, mostly metaphorical story
about a girl, Charlotte who makes a lot of bad choices and finds
herself in the gutter. The song is about redemption, family, friends
and those people around you that love you. It's a constant reminder to
not take for granted the people in your life who really care about
you.  -Sean

"Chasing My Tail"

"All these things that I cannot see, that are right in front of me,
Well I know I'll probably bleed, repeating mistakes defines insanity"

The chorus pretty much sums it up. I'll be the first to admit, I've
made the same mistakes over and over at times, even while knowing the
outcome is negative. Sometimes it makes you feel like you're a fucking
nut job, other times just weak. Eh, we all have our shitty days.

"Left at Forkright"

Work work work. 90% of us have jobs we don't like. Or have occupations
that pay the bills but don't fulfill the soul. This is about wanting
to just up and leave. Wanting instead to starve and be happy playing
music rather than punching a clock and making someone else rich.

"Plaster Saints"

When we first started working on this track, Sean had a strong vocal
melody, but no real lyrics.  After hearing it a few times words
started forming in my mind and it became a song about extreme
hypocrisy.  When political and religious leaders in a position of
authority publicly denounce and petition against homosexuality, only
to be then caught publicly performing those very same acts they
denounced... it drives me mad.  Yes, I'm talking about you Larry Craig
and George Reker.  And of course it doesn't stop there.  Our policital
system is rampant with politicians publicly decreeing agendas while
amassing personal gains by privately doing the exact opposite.  There
is a slick, oily reason why within days there was a US force in Libya,
yet for YEARS we have been ignoring Darfur's cries for help.  -Dave


Imagine carrying an insufferable burden, one that could have been
avoided under different cirmcumstances.  I wrote this one from two
different perspectives.  In the first I picture a US soldier at war in
Iraq, in the desert, in an unfamiliar place constantly under the
threat of being killed.  I imagine this soldier patrolling a seemingly
deserted Iraqi city, alone, while approaching a near mental breakdown.
Humming a favorite song to remember home, he silently curses the
people that have brought him here.  The second perspective is from the
millions of people in this country who live under a tremendous amount
of debt.  With just a few strokes of a pen, the easy credit that can
appear to be such a life-saver turns into a carnivorous monster a few
years later.  -Dave

"Black and Tan"

I have a twin brother. Through thick and thin we will always have that
special bond of being a twin. Growing up, especially in our teenage
years, we didn't see eye to eye on a lot things. He's a brilliant
scientist and is getting his PhD in Scotland. Now that we're on
opposite sides of the ocean it puts into focus the things that really
matter. This is the most personal song on the record and is an olive
branch to bury the hatchet on a few things. It's about acknowledging
no one iss 100% right or wrong, moving on, not living in the past and
making the best of the days ahead of us.  -Sean


This is a straight forward punk rock tune.  It's about having a day
where you feel like you're always on the wrong page, a step behind and
leaving a wake of shit behind you. I had this riff for a while and
never knew what to do with it, and then one day the chorus just popped
in my head and fit right into place. A cold beer and an overwhelming
sense of satisfaction ensued.  -Sean

"Last Act"

This is one of my favorite songs on the record. I typically don't like
to write anything preachy or political. But I do feel that there is a
growing class divide between the rich and poor in this country. And
there is little to stop it with the exception of a complete sytem
collapse. I don't want any part of that, yet there's no escaping our
role in society. This is the doom and gloom part of the piece. Win
Butler said it a lot better on "The Suburbs".  -Sean

"Invitations To Alleyways"

I took a trip to Puerto Viejo Costa Rica about a year ago and knew I
had to write about a feeling I had when I came back. Time itself
seemed to change between there and here. It was slower, things were
simple, the jungle was alive, the food was fresh and people had
amazing stories. The trip itself was on a whim and
seemed a little crazy at the time, but that's what made it a great
experience. So I guess it's about taking chances and not waiting for
other people to make your memories for you. Taking a blind leap
sometimes makes for the best story of your life. Even though you just
might get a little black and blue in the process, the bruises heal.
Your experience is what matters and makes us who we are.  -Sean


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